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Welcome to Rayneri Group, Our goal is simple, to use our experience of over 25 years in Event, Safety, & Business management at a National & International level to make life Better, Safer, Productive & Efficient for all our clients!

With various organizations within the Rayneri Group we deliver a complete package for both consumer and business customers alike. With such a complete Team of experts in their respective fields there is no other company that can deliver the level of service you will receive from the Rayneri Group.

Our flagship and most important part of our group is the Raynei Group Foundation. We have been extremely grateful and have enjoyed tremendous support from our community and our loyal customers over the years. Our Foundation is how we repay those blessings and more importantly “Pay Forward” to ensure that we are here to help our communities and make life better where ever we can. We feel its the one division that we are most proud of. We hope you will take a moment and DONATE to our Foundation and allow us to make a difference with your charitable contribution.