Rayneri Consultants

Rayneri Consulting is a division of the Rayneri Group, LLC. Originally known as RJR Motorsports Consultants, LLC. Have been contracted to provide Logistics, Event Coordination, Safety and Event Operations at major Concerts, NASCAR, ESPN X Games (Brazil, Spain, Germany), Indy Car and high occupancy events Nationally and Internationally there isn’t a scenario that that the Rayneri Consulting Team can not assist you with.

With over 20 years of safety and accident prevention experience they can be called upon to ensure the safety, training, and compliance of any organization. Customers that have called on us to assist with there needs are Schools, Construction sites, Businesses, Event Venues, Hotels, and more.

Here are the areas that we focus on:

  • Safety Consultation and Risk Management Assessment
  • Loss Prevention assessment and program development
  • Social Media advertising and design
  • Business development and new business launch
  • Business investment and Acquisitions
  • Complete Information Technology Solutions

For more information on how our Team can assess and assist with making you safer and more efficient please contact us for an in person site assessment and inspection.